Code of Conduct


  • Condemn all violent acts, no matter who the person is.
  • Respect the official’s decisions. Don’t complain or argue about decisions.
  • Unsportsmanlike language, harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Encourage athletes to play by the rules and to respect opposing athletes and officials.
  • Never ridicule or scorn an athlete for making a mistake, respect their efforts.
  • Understand that sport is part of life experience, and the benefits of involvement go far beyond the final placing.
  • Participate in positive cheering that encourages the athletes in the Centre you are supporting.
  • Remember that children participate in Little Athletics for their own enjoyment, not yours!
  • Never arrive at a Little Athletics competition under the influence of alcohol or bring alcohol to a competition or training


  • Be a good sport. Respect all good performances whether from your Club or the opponents.
  • Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
  • Always respect the official’s decision.
  • Never become involved in acts of foul play.
  • Honour the spirit and intention of the competition rules.
  • Never engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort.
  • Care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to you during training and competition.
  • Safeguard your health. Don’t use any illegal or unhealthy substances.
  • Recognise that officials and coaches are volunteers who give up their time to provide their services. Treat them with the utmost respect.

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